As Gestalt Board is currently only a proof of concept created for educational purposes, a full explanation of its privacy policy is pending. (Gestalt Board was part of Jason Beaty's thesis work for the SCAD Interactive Design and Game Development MFA.)

Please note some of your activity and information on Gestalt Board is publicly accessible.  Including, but not limited to, your  profile, comments, uploads, and photos.  Gestalt Board does not want to publish or share your e-mail address. Cookies are used to offer functionality such as the logged-in state.

Your activity on Gestalt Board may have been noted as part of the thesis research and documentation. Page views and clicks are tracked as part of the standard analytics reporting to help improve the site. Activity such as uploading content, commenting, creating boards, pinning to boards, adding to favorites, sharing, etc. is saved with date/time and Gestalt Board user identification information. Logged in users have access to more of their private information than logged out users. For improved privacy, members should maintain a reasonable amount of protection with their Gestalt Board credentials and avoid sharing accounts as descirbed in the terms.

Contact Gestalt Board with questions or concerns.