About Gestalt Board

Crafting meaningful design innovation from human-centric inspiration

Here the collision of inspiration and ideas creates new perspectives and paradigms. We showcase designs, unravel their intertwined DNA, and explain the principles that make them resonate. Our tools for collecting and sharing content on customizable boards empowers innovators to uncover insights that speak to human needs and delights.

Browse and Upload to Galleries

Find inspiration easily with streamlined navigation.
Galleries include: Color, Texture, Interface, and Graphics


Create and Pin to Customizable Boards

Collect gallery content to create a new vision for your next design.
Resize, crop, and annotate board content. Browse Boards.


Connect to Designers

Follow other GB members to see what they upload, create, or favorite.
Comment on gallery content and boards. Share gallery content and messages.
(Full feature-set coming soon.)


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